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Luxury on Ice

  The freezing of one’s assets, once the exclusive domain of bankruptcy courts and cads on the run, has taken on a whole new meaning thanks to the

Hands of Time

Are aging hands spoiling your fun? Behold, the newest wave of hand-happy treatments. By Beth Landma   At last, your hands can appear youthful and g

A Hill of Success

Sherri Hill rooted from her small upbringings, only to lead her to become a sophisticated and whimsical women who created her own signature clothes!

All Juiced Up

Effective and divine, these citrus products are so good, you’ll want to eat them. Orange you glad you clicked on this page?

Everything You Need To Know About Cleaning…

New You spoke with an expert for tips on how to properly clean makeup brushes after finding out that most women clean their brushes less than once a month.

Melanoma Incidence

INCREASED BY 800% AMONG YOUNG WOMEN BETWEEN 1970 AND 2009 BY: RUCHEL LOUIS COETZEE Hillary Fogelson’s dermatologist appointment began as they always wo

Exotic Spa: Himalayan Bliss

A spa-savy emissary from the Western world takes a soulful journey to India to meditate and rejuvenate within the cosseting confines of the mythic Ananda Spa

Not In Vein

Tackle unsightly veins now so you can bare beautiful legs! By: Wendy Schmid You probably don’t spend much time thinking about your leg veins. That is

The Truth About Sulfates

Should your favorite shampoo’s foam and sheen become things of the past? We explore whether sulfates in shampoos are doing more damage than you think. BY

The Dye is Cast

You make dietary choices on behalf of your health every day—fresh fruit over processed snacks, grilled veggies instead of eggplant parm. But how seriously