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More Than Skin Deep

How your nutritional habits can affect your skin and what foods are best for your body’s largest organ.  Turns out, you really are what you eat, especi

The Great Escape

Chiva-Som spa and resort hits the mythic sweet spot, where stressed minds and bodies are set free. Thick tendrils of banyan trees and the fragrant aroma

Mane Stages

Learn new ways to nourish hair from the inside-out, with help from our gray-banishing experts. As the years accumulate, our follicles get weaker due to ge

Healthy Scents

Looking for the essence of anti-aging and great health? Essential oils are the key. By Olivier Wenker, MD Essential oils represent the purest, most hig

The Secret of Josie

 Josie Maran foregoes the rubbish and insists on natural formulations. With her softly drawn features and approachably sexy sense of style, Josie Maran

Swiss Bliss

Alpine extravagance is never a tall order at the Dolder Grand Hotel and Spa. The soaring spires of this striking Swiss castle rise before your eyes as

Bringing Up the Rear

Kick that pancake posterior to the curb—buttocks enhancement will give your bottom a boost and bring your summer look full circle. Pop culture certainly

Lend Me Your Ears

Quick and painless procedures can undo the damage caused by earrings and age. Dangly earrings make a fashion statement, but you wear them at your peril. W

Lighten Up

If freckles, age spots, and skin discoloration spurred by hormonal imbalance have got you down, the beauty business is primed to even you out. No person

Waiting to Exhale

Why hundreds of thousands of women with a nose for beauty are opting for rhinoplasty.  You can’t not notice a person’s nose. Made up of bone and cart