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New You Red Carpet by Nick Chavez –…

This New You Red Carpet collection is everything and more - all in one kit, with everything you’ll need for a red carpet ready look.

4 Steps To New Skin

    If wrinkles, age spots, and changing skin texture have you down, it’s definitely time for a pick-me-up! And there’s never been a bett

Cosmetic Dentistry Musts

Today, cosmetic and reconstructive dentistry offers a number of different options for those who are unhappy with their smile. From bonding, veneers, dental i

The New Wave

If we buy into the concept that 40 is the new 20, this means we’re required to look a full two decades younger. Unfortunately, our skin reveals evidence of

Mineral Marvels

Mineral Marvels Our strands are in a constant battle against the elements. The winning strategy requires a once-a-week execution plan. There’s a cruel


 Get the body you want without going under the knife. 

What Your Cut Says About You

Could changing your hair change your life for the better? Top stylists explain that trying new looks is a woman’s prerogative, and shouldn’t cause a cris

On the Set with Oscar Blandi

Blandi Has More Fun Celebrity hair stylist Oscar Blandi—beloved by superstars and everyday women alike—was born with styling in his blood. Blandi’s fa

For Whom the Gel Tolls

BY ELIZABETH WELLINGTON Walt Disney company executive Debbie McClellan speaks with her hands. Her fingertips must look fantastic all of the time. When gel

Mia Marcelle Swimwear, a Miami Swim Week Fave

Another successful Miami Swim Week (MSW) has come and went. Flawless models donned an impressive array of visually alluring swimwear that featured vibrant