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  • Arguing Couple

    Why Arguments Are Good for a Relationship

    Differing of opinions may result in arguments, but that is surprisingly what makes a relationship stronger ...

  • Breast Augmentation

    50 Years of Augmented Reality

    There's no denying it. Breasts are big business. Fifty years after its debut, the boob job is the most-requested cosmetic surgical procedure in the United States. ...

  • Scott Foley

    Getting Personal With Scott Foley from Scandal

    A happy hubby and dad of two, Scott works hard for the money while staying trim for his shirtless scenes. ...

  • Fridge Fixes

    Beauty Quick Fixes from your Refrigerator

    If you’re in the market for ridiculously simple-to-follow, cost-friendly recipes that are free of hormones, irritants, and chemicals, take our DIY expert’s advice and hit your fridge. ...

  • Beauty through the ages

    Beauty through the Ages

    Our beauty needs, like our beauty traits themselves, are ever-changing. Decade by decade, our skin requires understanding—as well as open-mindedness and experimentation—to be the best it can be. ...