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  • passion-feat

    Prescription for Passion

    What can you do when your sex drive is stuck in neutral? Plenty. ...

  • skulpt-fit-muscles

    How Fit Are Your Muscles?

    Skulpt Aim ($200, skulpt.me) skips the calorie and heart-rate tracking of other gizmos. Instead, it measures (through a pain-free pulse) muscle quality and body fat. Hold the device next to your muscl...

  • Chriss

    Mister Right

    Five kids, seven years on NCIS: Los Angeles, one gorgeous wife, and decades of strong performances have given Chris O’Donnell a singularly beautiful life. ...

  • Men Feat

    Super Charge Your Staying Power

    Erection issues can—and most likely will—happen. But rather than spend life on the sidelines, there’s plenty you can do to keep your body in top working condition and your confidence high. ...

  • Beauty Meets Design

    Beauty Meets Design

    Meet the Foreo ISSA, a gentler, more effective way to brighten up your pearly whites.  ...