Latest in Anti-Aging: Cheese

Brie and Roquefort
Brie and Roquefort

More than 400 types of cheese are available for our eager consumption, but only one variety has anti-aging and cardiovascular benefits: mold-ripened cheese. Med Hypotheses journal recently indicated that molded cheese might be the missing ingredient to the “French Paradox”: Despite a diet high in saturated fat, the French live longer! Roquefort along with other molded cheeses – brie, camembert and blue – are heart health boosters due to the presence of metabolites produced by penicillum roqueforti and other fungi. Additionally, the anti-inflmmatory factors, which occur during the ripening process, can work wonders for the skin’s surface. So what does that mean? Live longer and look better with cheese.  What else does it mean? The potential for a new cheesey skin care market brought by pharmaceutical and beauty product companies – without the moldy smell we hope!

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