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10 Super Cute DIY Gifts For Mom

By Crystal Mejia
Posted On May 05, 2016
10 Super Cute DIY Gifts For Mom

Image: Shutterstock


After a few years of scheduling spa dates and buying flowers for mom, it’s time to think outside the box. Save money and explore your creative side with “Do-It-Yourself” projects. You don’t have to be a professional to get crafty. That’s the beauty of it! Besides, hand-made gifts are typically more appreciated than convenient ones picked up from your local store last minute. Express your love for mom by trying one of these cute DIY projects:


Sharpie Mugs

mother's day mugs

MaikoNagao.blogspot.com, Tutorial Here



Mason Jar Sewing Kits


Seasonedhomemaker.com, Tutorial here


Handprint Apron


Simplykierste.com, Tutorial here


Meal Planning Menu


momcoloredglasses.com, Tutorial here


Cutting Boards


curbly.com, Tutorial here


Movie Night Tickets


scrapbooking.craftgossip.com, tutorial here


Makeup Bag


homeyohmy.com, tutorial here


A Bouquet of Cupcakes


home-dzine.co.za, tutorial here


Fruity Blooms

Strawberry Roses

katokula.blogspot.com, tutorial here


Polaroid Magnets


sundaesins.blogspot.com, tutorial here


Now that your gift is thought-out, knock it out and spend extra quality time watching a movie or cooking a nice family meal on Mother’s Day. What project are you attempting? Let us know your experience below.