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10-year-old receives $10K for finding Instagram app bug

By Ana Marino
Posted On May 05, 2016
10-year-old receives $10K for finding Instagram app bug

A Finnish 10-year-old boy was rewarded $10,000 by Facebook for finding a bug in the Instagram app, making him the youngest person to receive compensation from Facebook.

It all started when Jani, whose last name was not provided by the parents, discovered that by typing in a code in any comment section he could erase comments from anyone. After realizing what he had discovered, he sent an email to Instagram notifying them about the problem. Because he technically hacked the app, the child was compensated with $10K!

So, you know, if you’re a somewhat savvy with technology, you might want to keep your eye open for any flaw you find on Facebook owned websites and apps. The company has a Bug Bounty program that compensates any researcher who finds problems within their system.


Facebook Capture


In an interview with Iltalehti, a Finnish news outlet, Jani said he could even erased celebrity comments. The father commented that Jani had been interested in coding for quite a while, and that it was a surprise for him. The child also said he is now interested in informational security.

“It will be my dream job. Security is really important,” Jani told the news outlet.

And like every typical 10-year-old, Jani plans to get a new bike and football gear with his newly acquired money.

Cover Photo Credit: Shutterstock