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11 Things I Wish I Knew Before A Brazilian Wax

By Crystal Mejia
Posted On Apr 14, 2016
11 Things I Wish I Knew Before A Brazilian Wax

You hear your friends talking about it, but you never believe it until you experience it for yourself. A Brazilian wax is one of those events. However, if you are doing your research, you already fought half the battle. Here are some important tips for your appointment:


1. Bikini wax first.
Everyone has different pain tolerance levels. Figure out which one is yours with a bikini wax appointment first.


2. Knowledge is power.
Researching will help you prepare before and maintain afterwards. It’s always better to go into the salon knowing what might happen as opposed to going in blind. Make sure you feel comfortable exposing your privates to a stranger and realize that it will be painful your first time. However, you will not regret enduring the pain after your 15 minutes is up. Bring a buddy for moral support.


3. Pre-Wax Relaxation
Find something that relaxes you before the wax. Some wine perhaps.


4. Things to take the edge off!
Find out what techniques help you curb the pain . Some women try painkillers, and some try numbing cream. But whatever you do, do not numb it with ice! It will make this process extra painful! You can also try to schedule an appointment right after your menstrual cycle ends as your privates are least sensitive then.

5. Start going regularly. Once you start going to the salon regularly, the pain actually isn’t too bad. When you let the hair grow out too long, that’s when it’s most painful.   6. Loose-Fitting Bottoms Wear loose-fitting bottoms for your appointment. Tight clothing will irritate it after your wax.   7. No Sun! Any word with “sun” included is not good for your girly bits during this time! No Sunshine and no sunburns. If you have a sunburn, wait a bit to schedule your appointment. Do not go to the beach right after your wax either!   8. Hard Wax vs. Soft Wax Prior to your appointment, ask the salon if they use hard wax or soft wax. Hard wax is gentler on the skin.

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9. Exfoliate.
Exfoliate before your appointment so that the wax grabs more of your hair and not skin. Afterwards, it is recommended to exfoliate every 2-3 days to avoid ingrown hairs.


10. Recommended hair length is one-fourth of an inch long.
If your hair is longer than a quarter inch, they will cut it down for you. If your hair is shorter than a quarter inch, it is recommended you wait until it reaches that length.


11. Find a distraction.
Create a list of open-ended questions to ask during your appointment. It creates conversation so that your mind is not so occupied with what’s going on. Not much a talker? Make sure your phone is charged and your social media apps are on deck ready to go!