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Golden Globes: The Awesome, The Awkward & The Funny

By Julie Fink
Posted On Jan 11, 2016
Golden Globes: The Awesome, The Awkward & The Funny

Everyone is talking about the Golden Globe’s mishap moments, the shining show-stoppers and the knee-slappers. There were definitely some unforgettable moments that warmed our hearts, made us LOL and dropped our jaw. I mean, you can’t have an awards show without a room silencing swap of sh*t talk between the host and A-List celebrities!

Well, you could. But not at last night’s Golden Globes, take a look…

So Awesome

1.     Leonardo DiCaprio wins Best Actor with a standing ovation.


2.     Ryan Gosling and Brad Pitt existed next to each other.


The two adorably joked as they introduced their movie, The Big Short. Their fake fighting was amazing. They really didn’t even need to say anything… just stand there next to each other.

3.     America Ferrera and Eva Longoria Latino Rockstars


When presenting the award for Best Actor in a TV series, the two took this time to joke about the when the show infamously mistook Ferrera for Gina Rodriguez. The dazzling beauties poked fun at latino discrimination in the most classy way possible.

Even Ricky Gervais joked that they were two people Donald Trump would deport if he became president.

So Awkward

1.     Quentin Tarantino calls music composer’s ghetto while Jamie Foxx reacts and Regina King’s face shrills.



2.     Ricky Gervais unpleasant exchange with former feud Mel Gibson.


You know it isn’t a set up or scripted when an entire audience of actors cringe.

3.     Denzel Washington receives the most prestigious award of the night, The Cecil B. DeMille award. He thanks three agents then claims to forget his glasses. There was literally no speech.

I was hoping it was more like the speech he gave in Remember the Titans but it turned out to just be unmemorable.

So Funny

1.     Amy and JLaw


As if we already didn’t want to be their best friends, J.Law and A.Schu showed us exactly why we love them, from their coordinated strut on stage to their celeb nicknaming strategy session. We hope there is a future in award show hosting for the blonde besties.

2.    The Bear


Jonah Hill presents award for Best Supporting Actress dressed in a Grizzly Bear hat from The Revenant. This had to have been cooked up by his bromance with friend Channing Tatum.

3.     Cookies for Everyone

Undoubtedly one of the best speeches of the night, Taraji P. Henson hands out cookies on her way to claim her award #CookiesForEveryone. She challenges the wrap up cues with a line that has the audience rolling, “Please wrap? Wait a minute. I waited 20 years for this… You gon wait!” Insert sassy emoji.