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4 Hairstyles to Rock this Summer

By Ana Marino
Posted On May 10, 2016
4 Hairstyles to Rock this Summer

Have you ever been at the beach or the pool during a hot summer day and you wish you could just cut off all of your hair? It has definitely happened to me. Summer can be very hot, and hair can make it feel even hotter. If you are bored of doing the typical ponytail just to get it out of the way, here is the answer to your boring hair prayers.

Below you will find a list of hairstyles that you should definitely rock this summer to get your hair out of your way and break norms.

Boxer braids

Say ‘goodbye’ to windblown, tangled hair at the beach! This hairstyle rose to the top recently. Many celebrities have sported boxer braids on a day out, at Coachella, and even for red carpet events. It is not only super stylish and hot right now, but it will certainly keep your hair in place at the beach.



Fishtail Braid

This braid might look difficult to do, but in reality, it is super simple to achieve with some practice. I learned how to do it with a fun video by Lauren Conrad. I love this braid because it looks way more elegant than the traditional braid. You can sport it for a Sunday brunch or a night out with your friends.


Messy bun

This one is my favorite! You can rock it at the beach or the pool, on a night out, to the mall, basically everywhere. The best part is that you don’t need it to be perfect, because well the title says it, it’s supposed to be messy! It will get your hair out of the way and you will look super stylish.

Photo Source: M loves M
Photo Source: M loves M


High ponytail

So, I did mention before that I was tired of ponytails, but I never said to ditch them this summer. What I do suggest is to put a spin on the basic hairstyle. Maybe you can wrap the hair tie with a small braid, or you can do half braids and unite them with a high ponytail.


What is your favorite summer hairstyle? Share them with us below.

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