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50 Cent Apologizes to Airport Employee He Mocked on Video

By Samantha Boden
Posted On May 04, 2016

50 Cent has finally apologized to an airport employee with autism after the rapper made fun of him in a video he posted online. In the video, the rapper teased a man named Andrew Farrell. Andrew was working as a janitor at the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky airport. In the video, he said the 19-year-old looked high and must have been on drugs. But as it turned out, the young man has autism and has trouble communicating because of his condition. So when the family announced they were going to sue 50, he issued an apology saying that while the incident resulted from an unfortunate misunderstanding, he is truly sorry for offending the young man. He said it was not his intent to insult him or the disability community. 50 Cent has apologized personally to him and his family. As a result, the attorney for the family said they are dropping the lawsuit.  It’s a good thing too because the last thing he needed was another lawsuit.