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A Chic Fitness Bracelet – FINALLY!

By Julie Fink
Posted On May 16, 2016
A Chic Fitness Bracelet – FINALLY!

Tech giant Samsung charmed the fashion world with its new fitness tracker, “Charm by Samsung.”  It’s an alternative to smartwatches that makes girls like me smile. Samsung has capitalized on the FitBit revolution and married it with Smartwatch technology. It’s the best of both worlds with fitness tracking and notifications but with style.


The Charm aims to help ladies stay on top of their fitness goals with two main features:

One. Samsung S Health App

You can monitor your daily activity levels by simply syncing it with your smartphone via Bluetooth and pairing it with your Charm. You can track your steps, how much distance you’ve covered over the course of a day, and how many calories you’ve burned. It continuously gathers fitness data so you don’t lose track of a single step.

Two. Notifications

Charm also uses LED notifications to alert you of incoming calls and text messages, as well as push alerts from applications that you can select via the Charm by Samsung app. Straightforward, color-coded notifications also display information about charging, connectivity status and battery level.


Phandroid reports, “As tech enthusiasts, we know that full-fledged smartwatches can be pretty great at showing you tons of information at a glance, but for some folks, fitness tracking is all they really need or want from a wearable.” With 14-day battery life and a low asking price of $40, Charm by Samsung could be the perfect fit for those that don’t need all the extra frills of an actual smartwatch.

The Charm is available in three stylish colors – Gold, Black and Rose Quartz – and features a tiny pebble-like pedometer in two shape forms: square and bar.


It originally debuted at Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2016 in Barcelona at the beginning of the year and has just been released in South Korea, Italy, France, and Russia, but Samsung says you’ll be seeing it in new markets later this year.

Note: Add Charm to Christmas list.