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A colorful secret

By Alexus Breau
Posted On Feb 02, 2016
A colorful secret

2016 has proven itself to be the year of color. We’ve recently seen the introduction of the oil slick hair, rainbow hair, glow-in-the-dark hair, and now: underlights!

So, what is an underlight?


It is created when a section of hair is secured into a bun or top knot and then working colorful magic on the bottom. Essentially when you hair is completely down, the colors aren’t as apparent. Think: hidden rainbow hair.

The #Underlights hashtag has become widely popular among Instagram users with over 5,000 pictures. Theres no denying why so many people are trying this; the pictures look awesome and no two are the same.

Check out the before and afters from Stylist Ruby Devine:

A photo posted by Ruby Devine (@rubydevine) on

A photo posted by Ruby Devine (@rubydevine) on

The creativity is endless, it is all about how you wear it.

A photo posted by Ruby Devine (@rubydevine) on

Finally a hairstyle that is work appropriate, but still lets the real you shine through. What are you waiting for?

Let your stylist work their magic 😉