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A Cosmic Guide for January 2016

By Julie Fink
Posted On Jan 01, 2016
A Cosmic Guide for January 2016


Astrology, the cosmic tool to help us navigate through the rough seas of life. I have followed the insights of the universe for many years and I’m not talking about the daily blurbs in the newspaper. It’s the universes energetic patterns which are used to teach us about our own energetic patterns.  To put it simply, everything is energy: from a small grain of sand, to a pencil, a hamburger, a radio wave, a cloud and the planet Earth itself is energy. All this energy holds information, even the stars. Consider the stars a compass and each month, you can be usefully guided by what the cosmos has to say.

The energy of the new year always brings a sense of renewal, determination and inspiration. The forward motion propels us into new beginnings, new goals and new hopes for the year to come. But it’s important to take into consideration a new mindset as well. The energies coming right out of the gate in January 2016 will help set the pace for a great year ahead.

Everything We Do Has Power

When creating goals for the year, don’t separate between spiritual and mundane, special and not special, extraordinary and ordinary. Everything we do has power, every word, action, thought, feeling and intention carries weight in this universe. So if you are trying to move out of a work situation that might not be as gratifying to you, keep in mind that where ever you are at, is important.

Mar’s Enters Scorpio on January 3rd

This intense alignment sets the scene for two months of powerful activity which reaches the stubborn roots that need to be severed. During this time, we may find ourselves both desperate for change and fearing it, creating ambivalence and pent up energy that will disrupt our everyday experience until we can address what’s really going on.

Mars in Scorpio both resists change and forces it, knowing that in its very resistance lies the energy needed to break through obstacles and old patterns that keep our energy stuck and our perspective limited. The rebirth that lies at the heart of Scorpio is not secured with a small gesture of faith but a huge demonstration of our endurance and resolve to burn through those things that bind us.

Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn January 5th through 25th

Mercury retrograde in Capricorn exposes the cold hard facts whether we like it or not, but in doing so reveals alongside the freedom that comes with simply saying it like it is and being prepared to live with the consequences. This might be a good time to set aside your ego when someone you love is giving you advice or constructive criticism. This is a good month to talk less, listen more. If not, sparks will fly and arguments will flare.

The New Moon in Capricorn on 10th January

A new moon represents the end of one cycle and the beginning of a new 28-day cycle; you can literally start fresh every month! This new moon in Capricorn is a fitting way to start since we’ll be 9 days into a new year and focused on new year goals. Which sign rules our goals? Capricorn! So this new moon really helps us to focus on our plans for the year.

Full Moon in Leo on 25th

The Moon represents emotions and therefore, when the moon is full, it’s energy is at it’s most potent. Leo represents warmth and enthusiasm so it’ll be a boost of encouragement for everyone. This Moon offers the confidence to step onto the path no matter how uncertain we feel. Keep this in mind when trucking forwarding into the new year, whether it is starting a new relationship, a new project or a new job. Enthusiasm is always a helpful cosmic tool!

Sarah Varcas from Spirit Library states: As January comes to an end energy runs high and inspiration with it, although we’d be wise to keep our feet on the ground! A sequence of small alignments to end the month remind us that energy is information and our task is to interpret the clues and follow the trail. If something’s not working energy is either blocked or too diffuse. The first clue is found in our attitude: are we gritting our teeth and forcing progress no matter what or letting go too readily and ‘trusting the universe’ to do what is, in fact, our job! Finding the balance between surrender and effort, dedication and flexibility, will pay dividends now as we more greatly appreciate the internal nuances which shape our experience and thereby fashion the future from how we live our every day.

The resources for this article are from my three favorite sites: Spirit Library, Mystic Mamma and Astrology Café.

Happy Birthday to all the Capricorn cusps and Aquarians out there!

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