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A Dancer Dances

By Andrew Stone
Posted On Jan 14, 2016
A Dancer Dances

Guys, channel your inner Rudy Nureyev with Rufskin’s latest workout line.


More and more each season, there’s been a fun kind of shift among athletic men… and we’re all for it! Gone are the days of oversized, baggy gym clothes. Instead, men are donning form-fitting activewear, muscle-augmenting fabrications, and gear that allows them to proudly inhabit their well-tended physiques. Now, luxury activewear pioneers Rufskin are channeling Rudolph Nureyev and the great dancer looks of the ’70s with the Rufskin Dancer Collection. We’re talking no-joke, super show-off dance pieces in Rufskin’s high-tech, breathable fabrications. Crop-tops, leg warmers, high-waisted briefs, a jock, a headband ($10 to $41)… These items aren’t afraid to say, “Do you like my body?” We think it’s time you owned the gym floor with these flawless looks.