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A New Way to Give Back with Your Wedding Dress

By Julie Fink
Posted On Jan 06, 2016
A New Way to Give Back with Your Wedding Dress

If you are looking to take that old wedding dress out of the closet and use it for a good cause, there is a charity in the UK who turns donated gowns into little dresses for babies who are stillborn or who pass away shortly after birth.

After your heart melts, take a look at the stats: Every year around 17 babies a day or 3500 a year are born sleeping or sadly pass away shortly after birth. With all the emotions and distress running through a grieving parents mind; finding a proper outfit for these tiny angels has deemed to be difficult. All grieving parents now have the opportunity to dress their baby so they can be laid to rest in a beautifully designed piece of clothing.

The name of the organization is ‘Cherished Gowns for Angel Babies UK’ and is run by three wonderful women who have been touched either personally or who knows someone who has suffered the loss of their tiny angels.

The charity, only a year and half old, has provided 101 hospitals with boxes of gowns for angel babies and sent over 200 packages to local funeral homes. They have received 1700 wedding dresses donated and to date have made 9800 Cherished Gowns.

A testimonial from one compassionate woman who donated her dress: “Yesterday they sent me pictures of what they had made with my dress and a mix of emotions swept over me when I received them; pride that I’d done something good, sadness that it’s necessary for these gowns to have to be made, relief that I’ve never known this heartbreak, and a sense of thankfulness that volunteers around the country give up their time to produce such comforting garments.”

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Photos Courtesy of Yvonne Bakes on Love What Matters Facebook Page

WOW! I am officially inspired.


1.     The organization is run by volunteers and can always use an extra pair of hands. If you have extra time to sew, knit or crochet you can contact the organization directly by going to www.cherishedgowns.org.uk.

2.     Cherished Gowns for Angel Babies UK also take care of shipping costs to hospitals and families, FREE of charge. You can donate money as well to the organization to help them out.

3.     If you can find a way to part from your dress…

Take a look at these beautiful little outfits, crafted from love:

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