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A Glass of Wine a Day Helps Keep the Doctor Away

By Lauren Ford
Posted On May 25, 2016
A Glass of Wine a Day Helps Keep the Doctor Away

Most of us live by the motto, “a glass of wine a day, keeps the doctor away” because in 2016, wine is the new apple. The minute they told us that wine had health benefits, I didn’t even stop to ask what these benefits were (probably because I had already had too much wine). But, an alcoholic drink that is good for you and socially acceptable to drink on a daily basis is what dreams are made of. Here are the miraculous health benefits of the grape-based joy that is wine.

Helps with Weight Loss

Resveratrol – a chemical found in berries and red wine that turns the bad, obesity-inducing white fat into good, calorie-burning beige fat, which the body uses for energy.


Reduces Risk of Certain Cancers

Resveratrol can also help reduce the risk of certain cancers, such as bowel tumors. It slows the growth of cancer cells by causing the to cannibalize themselves.


Helps Fight Off the Common Cold

There is lots of evidence to suggest that moderate wine drinking can boost your immune system, making you 40% less likely to suffer from a cold. The non-alcoholic components of red wine can suppress the immune response that leads to the cold manifesting itself.


Improves Mental Wellbeing

Besides the obvious stress relief of sitting back with a glass of wine, a PREDIMED study showed that drinking a glass of wine a day kept the blues away. A healthy heart means a healthy mind, and wine’s health benefits for the heart help keep the brain from getting bluesy on us.


Cares for Your Teeth

A 2014 study found that wine acted like mouthwash, fighting tooth-decay causing bacteria and preventing cavities. There is an active component in grapes that has antimicrobial effects on bacteria in the mouth.


Promotes Healthy Ageing

Drinking a moderate amount of wine could support growing old gracefully because low doses of resveratrol slow the body’s ageing process in the long term.


Get out your cork screws, drink up that zinfandel, and hydrate yourself full of health. Cheers!