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Actress Suffers Kidney Disease After Using Waist Trainer

By Ashley Hume
Posted On Mar 16, 2016
Actress Suffers Kidney Disease After Using Waist Trainer

Princess Shyngle, a Gambian model and actress famous for her hourglass figure, announced Friday on Instagram that she has been hospitalized for kidney disease. The 24-year-old posted photos of herself lying in a hospital bed with her arm hooked up to an IV drip, saying, “Hospital bound… Kidney disease healing mercies oh Lord need your prayers ya’ll.”

Though she didn’t give any explanation for the cause of her current medical ailment, many lay the blame squarely on her waist trainer. Princess Shyngle has credited her 22-inch waist to use of the controversial slenderizing device, a practice that has drawn fire from the medical community.

As the popularity of the corset-like apparatus has grown exponentially over the last few years, with its slimming effects being touted by celebrities including Kim Kardashian and Jessica Alba, doctors and medical professionals have increasingly come forward with words of warning about the toll waist trainers take on the human body, especially if they are overused.

Dr. Galyna Selezneva, a London-based aesthetic doctor discussed the dangers of waist trainers with MailOnline, saying, “If someone gets addicted to wearing a waist trainer day after day the inner organs will shift. There will be a disbalance in the cavity as it is not normal to have such as small waist. There can also be changes to the ribs and bone structures. Obviously, if you are wearing them repeatedly, you are not exercising the muscles so they are also wasting.”

Over time, cinching your waist unnaturally can cause heartburn, weakening of your pelvic muscles, even incontinence, according to Dr. Kristen Willett, a Doctor of Osteopathy at Resurgens Orthopaedics.

Furthermore, the slimmer look is only temporary. Dr. Willett told Fox News, “As soon as you take that off, that is going to dissipate And over time, even if you wear it for extended periods, that’s not going to last very long.”

It’s unknown whether Princess Shyngle’s kidney disease is really due to waist training. But it’s becoming increasingly apparent that those who frequently compress their inner organs unnaturally for the sake of fashion are taking a big risk for a fleeting reward.