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Adrienne Bailon’s Many Shades of Success

By Dontaira Terrell
Posted On May 19, 2016
Adrienne Bailon’s Many Shades of Success

Adrienne Bailon’s riveting breakthrough on the scene can be attributed to her involvement as the lead singer in the successful award-winning R&B trio 3LW. However, her staying power in an industry that is either the home of rejection or great acceptance is a heroic story of insurmountable tenacity and deep-rooted faith that is unshakable. A true testament of Bailon’s intensified devotion to succeed. What doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger, right?

The non-stop grind, sleepless nights, and, at a point in time, endless roadblocks throughout her career’s tenure could have single-handedly shattered the Latina’s dream. But, we all know the old saying, “where there’s a will there’s a way.” There is also absolutely no stopping a dynamic woman with a goal and a dream.

Fast-forward to present day and the native New Yorker’s notoriety has scaled from television to music, film, and everything in between. A record-breaking feat, to say the least, as she has turned the two lettered most feared word of “No” into several “Yasssses” by serving as both the catalyst and champion in fueling her passion to transform her dreams into realities. Not allowing anyone to define you or create limitations on the life you have envisioned specifically for Y-O-U are the jewels of wisdom that have been adopted into Adrienne’s daily lifestyle.

The television personality’s most current and transparent role to date includes co-hosting alongside four other amazing women (Tamera Mowry, Jeannie Mai, Loni Love, and Tamar Braxton) on the popular television daytime talk show The Real. If you haven’t tuned into an episode, let me be the first to let you know, that these ladies definitely keep it real, full of tears, laughter, and varied opinions.

Photo Credit: Erica Parise/Warner Bros. Television
Photo Credit: Erica Parise/Warner Bros. Television

After chatting with the bombshell beauty, it is obvious why millions of viewers connect with the witty persona and magnetic charisma of Adrienne Bailon. Her heartwarming, contagious spirit ignited the interview, but it was her bravery in truthfully expressing matters of the heart that spearheaded genuine conversation between the two of us. Style gals, don’t worry, of course we chatted about her eye for fashion in addition to her love of family and Latina heritage. 

New You: What trends are you loving right now? 

Adrienne Bailon: One of my favorite trends that I am loving right now is the layered effect that people are wearing. Even here in Los Angeles when the temperatures drop and it becomes chilly at night, I love the idea of people wearing long dusters to complete their look.

I am also totally obsessing and absolutely loving chokers at this very moment. Especially the dresses that have the choker pieces already attached to them. In addition to those trends, I also love a great, sleek black turtleneck because I believe it is always a chic piece of clothing to have in your closet.

Photo Credit: Official Instagram of The Real Daytime Talk Show
Photo Credit: Official Instagram of The Real Daytime Talk Show

NY: Also, what’s your favorite look you’ve worn on your show The Real so far?

AB: Personally speaking, I am a huge fan of the sleekness and chicness of the color black. Maybe it is the New Yorker in me! (laughs). It is my go-to because I could wear black from head-to-toe literally every single day of my life.

With that being said, my favorite outfit worn on the show was an Alexander McQueen black jumper, and it was pretty insane. To describe it for you, it resembled a cobweb shirt and we paired it with a choker. 

NY: What trends do you wish would make a comeback?

AB: This is very funny, but truthfully I loved overalls, and I think they are beginning to make a slight comeback. If they haven’t made a comeback as of yet, they are definitely on the way! I remember being in Jr. High School back in the day and going to the Limited Too and buying myself a pair of overalls to wear with my Timbs.

NY: Do you ever look at any of your old video/appearances and ask yourself, “what was I thinking?” In terms of fashion choices, hair/makeup, or something you said.

AB: Every single day! Sometimes I watch last week shows and wonder why I decided to wear a specific outfit, why I said something, why were my hands doing that movement, or why was my face making a particular expression.

I believe naturally as women we tend to be super critical of ourselves. Obviously, I am a kid of the 80s/90s, and I probably didn’t start getting more into fashion until the early millennium at the beginning of the 2000s.During this time, everything was sparkly, bedazzled, and full of glitter. Therefore, that in itself is a major fail for me (laughs). Do you remember the Swarovski crystals bedazzled bandanas and the LA Gear light up shoes?  It was all bad, and that was totally my era.

NY: Who would you consider your top three favorite fashion icons?

AB: For sure, Jennifer Lopez because I just love, love, love her. For my throwback, it would have to be Bianca Jagger. She was a super fly Latina previously married to Mick Jagger. If I am honest, I would also say that I currently love perusing the Instagram pages of our current young supermodels. The Gigi Hadids and Kylie Jenners of the world who are the “it girls” right now. They are beyond dope with a lot of edge and they definitely always have something fun to look at.

NY: I recently took a glimpse at your Instagram and noticed in one of your captions you mentioned that you completed your own makeup look. Do you have any makeup tips for someone who wants to achieve a natural glow?

AB: I often do my own makeup! Because of this, my number one tip, in general, is to practice, practice, practice. Honestly, you can’t figure out from me telling you how I apply my makeup. I believe everyone has to learn their own face to find out what they love or don’t love in terms of creating makeup techniques that work perfect for you.

I would say my number two rule is to invest in a great moisturizer. A great moisturizer always serves as an excellent foundation for a natural, dewy skincare look. Sometimes makeup can appear ashy or dusty because a great moisturizer was not applied to the base. Another tip that I live by is to always apply your makeup in natural sunlight because this allows you the opportunity to see how your makeup truly looks. Last but not least, be sure to double check your face in the car before you arrive at your final destination. This is the most important tip because more than likely you will realize a few more blending strokes are needed. I can’t emphasize this enough; A-L-W-A-Y-S ensure your neck matches your chin. That is an absolute must! NY: You and your sister (Claudette) are extremely close, with you filming the show in L.A. and Claudette being back home in NYC, how do you maintain your bond on separate coasts? AB: We are constantly Facetiming each other and I always Facetime my nieces as soon as I arrive back home from work. Not to mention, my sister and I are constantly texting back and forth all day, every day sending each other funny memes, ideas for the kids’ birthdays including cakes and cute outfits. We talk non-stop to the point that I literally send her pictures of my food! 

NY: What are some fun things you look forward to when you two get together?

AB: She is my favorite person to do absolutely nothing with. I truly believe it is because we are each other’s only other sibling. Because of this, we learned how to entertain each other without needing to actually do things from a very early age. For instance, my favorite thing to do with her is just come to the house, and we chill together, talking, laughing, telling stories, and playing with her daughters.

It’s always great, especially during the holidays because this is when we have the most time to spend with one another due to my schedule allowing me the opportunity to be home for the longest period of time. We don’t do much but veg out and watch shows. Trust me, our commentary to any funny show is always funnier than the actual funny show itself. We also like to play games, especially Heads Up! because it is one of our faves.

NY: We’ve all experienced heartbreaks and breakups. You speak about it openly on your talk show The Real, what is one love mistake you vow to never make again?

AB: I vow to never lose myself. It is really important to have your own life and own things because God forbid that something doesn’t work out. Although breakups can be extremely devastating, you still possess the power to pick up the broken pieces and move on because you have yourself. It is definitely really easy [especially] when you are young to invest all of your time and energy into a man but in my personal opinion, I wholeheartedly believe that you should have other things going on for Y-O-U.

Photo Credit: Official Instagram of The Real Daytime Talk Show
Photo Credit: Official Instagram of The Real Daytime Talk Show

You should not sacrifice your career or put them first, in every single situation because at the end of the day you cannot control what the other person ends up doing. What if, at the end of the day, they decide they no longer want to be with you? You can’t control them or their decisions, but you definitely can control what you decide to do with your own life and the life that you have designed for yourself. I am designing a life that I love and I assure you that I intend to keep it that way.

NY: In terms of dating what is a first date deal breaker?

AB: Hmmm, that is a good one! A first date deal breaker is someone who is rude to the service staff. For instance, if we are on a date, and they are extremely rude to the waiter/waitress, I can’t do that, and we are not going to make it. The crazy thing about it all is that you don’t judge someone solely on the way they treat you but also how they treat everyone else as well. If you are on a date with someone, obviously they are trying to impress you and if they are rude to other people trust me one day they are going to be rude to you too.

NY: I can totally attest to that one! I had an ex and every time we went out I would always ask him, “why are you so rude to people?” In hindsight, it was an obvious red flag that I kept avoiding. We all know the end of that story!

AB: Yes, absolutely! People who are just rude and unkind is not cool at all.

NY: On another note, last summer you went on an Eat, Pray, Love type of journey. What prompted you to do this and did you have a self-discovery moment in the process?

AB: I certainly had a self-discovery moment, and I believe the biggest one was being unsure of a few of the decisions that I was about to embark upon. As a woman, I was in a transitional phase of learning exactly what I wanted to do in the next stage of my life. When I turned 30, I never received the opportunity to take time and just reflect. Instead, I did it a year late (laughs), but I enjoyed myself in the process.

The motivation behind my very own, Eat, Pray, Love journey was definitely attributed to me pursuing a self-analysis fulfillment that would further explore my wants, needs, and interests. The spiritual element comes into play because during my entire journey I willingly set aside time to be alone, find myself, and pray. I assure you it was truly amazing! The experience opened my eyes to realize that I want to travel more, and I am actually doing the same thing this summer. I am so excited!

More than likely, I will be studying in Italy this time around, and I hope to never stop doing it because I want my summers to be for me. Hopefully, that special someone will begin to join me on my little journeys as well.

NY: Speaking to it, I am a fan of your show The Real, and you actually inspired me with your Eat, Pray, Love journey. This year I turned 30 and lost my mother because of this I am also on a self-discovery journey to be the designer of my very own life, just as you said, by picking up the pieces to move forward and find my happiness.

AB: Trust me it is a beautiful thing when you can just hang out with yourself, and be really, really happy. There is truly nothing like it.

NY: This question is two-fold, how were you able to successfully transition from childhood star to now? Also, how were you able to stay on the path of success instead of going down a different route?

AB: If I am honest, I have to credit my family for being a great foundation. My upbringing and humble beginnings made me appreciate the opportunities I have received, and I never wanted to do anything that would ruin that. People don’t know this, but I have to arrive to work at 6:00 am and I am not going to be out partying or involved in other things during the wee hours of the morning because I genuinely love what I do. I would never want to do anything that would jeopardize that.

Photo Credit: Erica Parise/Warner Bros. Television
Photo Credit: Erica Parise/Warner Bros. Television

NY: To speak to your point of genuinely loving what you do, I think it is exemplified on the show [The Real] that all of you ladies truly love what you do. As you mentioned, from the outside looking in people do not understand the “not so glamorous” aspect of it all. Sometimes people can have the misconception that you come into work, get cute, and talk on air.

AB: Ha, I wish! It is work but at the same time, it is awesome especially when you are able to do something that you really, really love. Like any job, it is a responsibility, but I honestly adore the fact that I work with women who encourage, motivate, and pray for and with each other. Before we do each and every single show, during our prayers we always ask God to remind us to have an attitude of gratitude when we are on the stage.

We do not want to huff and puff about when it is time for the next lunch break or segment because we prayed for this opportunity. God answered our prayers by giving us a platform to be able to have a job that we love and doing it with women that we love to work with. All of us should always be grateful of that, and I believe it is truly our central focus when we are on the stage. Ultimately being the reason why we have a great time and the days seems to always fly by.

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