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Adventures in Acupuncture

By Julie Fink
Posted On Jun 27, 2016
Adventures in Acupuncture

My idea of acupuncture entailed a Chinese man poking tiny needles in your body while you end up lookin’ like a peaceful Hellrasier. Turns out, there is much more to this prickly little healing practice that dates back the first century AD in ancient Chinese culture.

So my thirty day journey in acupuncture started by understanding what it was.

Day #1 – Acupuncture 101

Acupuncture, quite simply, uses tiny, hair-thin needles to stimulate energy in the areas of your body that are out of balance. The first thing my doctor told me was, ‘Disease literally cannot exist in harmony”.

The key to this practice is energy which is our western understanding in the U.S.  In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), or Eastern medicine, the term for energy would be called Qi (pronounced chee), or if you practice yoga it would be considered Prana or if you practice Jedi it would be called the Force. LOL.

Energy Body

Either way, the flow of the energy body is what makes the practice of acupuncture so powerful yet underutilized. Most people in the modern world still think all they have is a physical body, which is all we have been taught to think. When in fact, we have an energetic matrix or auric field which is composed of a mental, emotional and etheric energy bodies. This explains why it is so challenging to heal emotional and mental disorders such as depression, anxiety and others.

But because acupuncture works with all body fields and your own life force or Qi energy, acupuncture is used to correct any unbalance or dis-ease from Multiple Sclerosis (MS) to quitting smoking.

The top 5 reasons people go to acupuncture:meridians_thumb

  • Pain (back pain or injury related)
  • Headaches and migraines
  • Infertility, PMS (reproductive related) and hormones
  • Allergies
  • Mental and Emotional health issues

The acupuncturist will choose points on the physical body which are connected to meridians that flow up and down our body. The needles help to push through or pump our life force or energy through the proper meridians to heal your specific ailment and bring it back into balance.

If you ask Dr. Oz, an advocate of Eastern medicines to be accepted into modern medicine, he says on Oprah.com, “Here’s the irony—acupuncture has been around for 2,500 years in China,” Dr. Oz says. “There are a billion people in another part of the world who use these therapies.”

Hey, if Dr. Oz and other celebrities do it …

Celebrity Acupuncture

… then I should give this a whirl.

Stay tuned for the deets on my first treatment in acupuncture.


Day #3: First Acupuncture Sessionthrive-wellness-transparent-logo-update1

Where: Thrive Wellness Center for Mind, Body & Spirit

I found this wonderful, hidden gem in my town by simply googling ‘wellness center’, ‘acupuncture’ and/or ‘holistic health center’. These specialists will look at your entire field of health in order for you to meet your self-care needs, as opposed to just your physical ailment. Most of the time, your problems lay beneath your body’s biochemistry: it’s your mind, your emotions and energetic fields, which a whole body health and holistic wellness center will address.

Treatment: 6 needles along the spine, 1 in third eye, 1 on forehead

Pain Scale: (2 out of 10) It feels like a tiny pinch, but then multiply that by 8 needles, it’s a little uneasy. In order to paint this picture, I am offering a wonderful pain scale of beauty and wellness treatments, in order from the most painful to the least:

  1. Brazilian wax
  2. OBGYN Visit
  3. Lip Wax
  4. Acupuncture
  5. Eye Brown Wax
  6. Extractions at the Spa
  7. Cuticle trims at the nail salon
  8. Deep Tissue Message

Negative Side Effects: Restless nights sleep but my doctor said that is just my body acclimating.
Positive Side Effects: I woke up easier the next three days and had more energy in the morning.

Notes: If you have fears surrounding needles at all, forget it. Dudes might have issues with this as well, as they aren’t prone to the constant suffering we as women go through with beauty treatments.


Day #6: Second Acupuncture Treatment

Treatment: 10 needles in ears, 1 in third eye, 1 on forehead

Pain Scale: Minimal (2 out of 10)

Negative Side Effects: None
Positive Side Effects: Calm

Notes: I didn’t feel much different after this session. Although we had to re-adjust when I first arrived. At first, she stuck the needles in my feet, wrists and hands. My body rejected it as I felt a shooting pain (similar to hitting that sweet spot on your elbow) go up my right finger and instructed her to take it out. She said: 1. This was the first time that the heart meridian opened up and 2. My subconscious is having a hard time with ‘restraint’ and that my body is hypersensitive to the wrists and feet at this time. She asked me if I was having issues with being restrained and I nodded so she put the needles in my ears instead. This felt way more comfortable.


Day #9: Third Acupuncture Treatment

Treatment: 10 needles in ears, 1 in third eye, 1 on forehead

Pain Scale: (5 out of 10) I am starting to become sensitive to the needles, more than usual. But I just stick it out – lol, pun intended. My doctor tells me that my body is moving out and clearing emotional disturbances and that is why I may be a little more sensitive to the needles than usual.

Negative Side Effects: Feeling a little more pain during the needle pricks.
Positive Side Effects: I was so calm during this session, I passed out and woke up, full-blown drool out the side of my mouth. It was awesome.

3 treatments down, 7 more to go…