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Amazon’s Fashion Guide

By Melissa Gutierrez
Posted On Mar 23, 2016
Amazon’s Fashion Guide

What if I told you that QVC and “E! News” teamed up to bring us the perfect 30-minute show to talk all things fashion and beauty with a dash of celebrity news? Well, I’m only kidding, but Amazon did…well sort of.

Amazon created its first-ever live show, a program called “Style Code Live” that will air each weeknight. The show streams on Amazon.com.

Meet your hosts: Frankie Grande (yup, Ariana’s younger sibling), Rachel Smith, and Lyndsey Rodrigues. The trio of bubbly hosts show off a bevy of clothes and beauty products that can be purchased on Amazon, obviously. Sounds cliché, but the salesmanship wasn’t as overt as it is on traditional home-shopping channels, there were no urgent prompts to buy something quickly before it sold out. We really appreciated that.

As host, Lyndsey Rodrigues, put it “Style Code Live” is “everything you need to know in one high-energy package.” The band of trendy hosts will be sharing beauty and fashion hacks.

So what is an e-commerce and video streaming giant, such as Amazon trying to accomplish with this show? Well, Amazon wants to strengthen its position as an apparel retailer. Shoppers don’t regard Amazon as a place that offers much style inspiration and curation. I mean how many of us think of Amazon as the place to shop for the perfect dress for your first date with Mr. Where-Have-You-Been?!

The show is definitely trying to appeal to Millennials, but Millennials aren’t exactly the type to watch home-shopping programming. Call me crazy, but will you be tuning in to watch some fashion magic on “Style Code Live?”