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America’s Next Top Model Is Back!

By Dontaira Terrell
Posted On Feb 25, 2016
America’s Next Top Model Is Back!

We’ve just uncovered a major Tyra mail announcement! Great news for faithful viewers of the long-running modeling reality competition series, America’s Next Top Model! It was just announced the show will make its monumental return on the cable network VH1 for a 14- episode season. As a quick refresher, Top Model dominated airwaves and allowed women in pursuit of a modeling dream to fulfill their aspirations through stiff competition, intense training, and a once in a lifetime opportunity.

After ending its 22-cycle run on the CW network it’s been reported the show is being “reinvented for a new generation.” Hmmmmm, we are wondering what they could possibly have up their sleeves! Although there are many rumors circulating the airwaves, there is one fact that has been confirmed. According to the show’s creator and executive producer, Tyra Banks, she is definitely not returning as a host or a judge on the popular series.

The former Victoria’s Secret Model had this to say, “After creating an incredible, global brand, I am beyond excited to have the show reborn. I will continue as Executive Producer, but must turn my attention to new business endeavors, so I want to find a new host. I’m pumped to identify that person and bring back the show. Top Model fans, you demanded that the show come back, and VH1 answered the call. Get ready for a fierce-a-fied rebirth!”

We have a few suggestions of who could fill Tyra’s shoes, but we’d love to hear your thoughts. Comment below and let us know who you would like to see as a host or judge on America’s Next Top Model for the new season!