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Angelina Jolie Visits Greece to Highlight Plight of War-Fleeing Families

By Samantha Boden
Posted On Mar 16, 2016

Check out these photos of Angelina Jolie as she visited the UNCHR office in the port of Piraeus near Athens, Greece. She was there to highlight the plight of war-fleeing families stuck in the country. Jolie greeted children and asked reporters to be more thoughtful as she tried to speak with them. She told a young boy to stay strong and that she was there to speak with the government to learn what’s happening. Jolie’s visit is to reinforce efforts by the UNCHR and the Greek government to step up the emergency response to the deteriorating humanitarian situation. The Oscar-winning actress, who’s visit comes ahead of a European Union summit with Turkey over the migrant crisis, was also set to meet with Greece’s Prime Minister. Jolie was also in Lebanon the day before. There, she called on European countries to adhere to their international obligations to aid in refugees. She said that the reason they have laws and binding international agreements is precisely because of the temptation to deviate from them in times of pressure.