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Ariel Winter and Kendall Jenner Continue White Bikini Trend

By Samantha Boden
Posted On Apr 07, 2016

Ariel Winter took a break from Modern Family to show off some modern beach fashion. We’re talking about this white hot swimsuit. She’s not the only celebrity to hit the beach in a white bikini. It seems to be a hot summer trend. Take a look at Rihanna; this Barbados-born beachgoer wore a white bikini and matching sunglasses. Mel B wore a white bikini and definitely made the look a little spicier by undoing the back of the suit. Of course, the white bikini look may not exist if not for models like Pamela Anderson. She chose to get married in a white bikini instead of a wedding dress. These recent pics of Kendall Jenner solidify the fact that white bikinis are all the rage today.