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Barack Obama and Stephen Curry Join Forces for a PSA

By Tiffany Thomas
Posted On Apr 18, 2016
Barack Obama and Stephen Curry Join Forces for a PSA

Stephen Curry has won us over yet again. But this time, instead of doing it with his adorable daughter, Riley, he does it with President Barack Obama.

The POTUS and NBA MVP Steph Curry collaborated on a new public service announcement geared towards spreading hope and positivity through a mentoring program.

The video was first seen on ABC’s “NBA Countdown” this past Saturday as the opening act to Curry’s playoff opener. The basketball star along with his team, the Golden State Warriors, played against the Houston Rockets.

The video was also posted to the White House’s Facebook page on Saturday as well.

NBA also shared some behind the scenes photos from the shoot on their Instagram:







The PSA was led by “MENTOR: The National Mentoring Partnership” and inspired by Obama’s “My Brother’s Keeper” program which focuses on pushing young men of color in particular to fulfill their potential.

Obama even took to Twitter to congratulate Curry’s team on defending their season victory.




New #friendshipgoals?

The PSA was extremely fun to watch and actually inspired me to want to run out and get myself a mentor. (Do you think I can get Obama?)

Watch the resume-editing, connect four-playing, basketball-teaching video below:

Cover Photo Credit: NBA’s Instagram