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Influencer Negin Mirsalehi Launches Haircare Line

By Lauren Ford
Posted On Nov 11, 2015
Influencer Negin Mirsalehi Launches Haircare Line


Social Media Influencer, Negin Mirsalehi has announced the launch of Gisou, a honey-infused haircare line. Gisou, which means golden lock in Persian, was created from Negin’s belief in the power of honey, due to its moisturising and softening properties. The line launched with it’s first product, Honey Infused Hair Oil, which transforms dry and brittle hair. It can be used as a mask, overnight oil or pre-styling and finishing treatment.

Fun fact about honey: to produce a sole cup of honey, honeybees fly the equivalent of one-and-a-half times around the world. And we reap the benefits.


Photo credit:  Gisou