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Behind the Scenes at the Mane Addicts Mane Fest

By Lauren Ford
Posted On Apr 14, 2016
Behind the Scenes at the Mane Addicts Mane Fest

This weekend marks the beginning of the music festival we all want to be at, Coachella! In honor of the coveted event, Mane Addicts put on Mane Fest, which featured braids, flower crowns, and hair stylists to get you the perfect Coachella look.

Former Miss Universe, Olivia Culpo gives her take on Coachella hair, “Effortless hair, ‘I just woke up like this’ type of hair. That’s one aspect of it, then there’s another angelic aspect where the crowns come in and the cool braids, and the Roman style.” She also talks about how she keeps her beautiful hair healthy, and the answer is coconut oil! Find out where else she uses coconut oil and what color she would dye her hair if she could change it for just one day.

Actress and singer, Britt Flatmo was also in attendance where she dished on her Coachella look. “I’ve never done the two French braids, so I’m totally going to try that out this year.” Flatmo is also a believer in coconut oil but also uses Moroccan oil in her hair beauty regime. Watch the full video below.

Disney actress and lilBEASTS dancer, Sophie Reynolds shares her hair secrets with us. “I use a lot of conditioner. That’s my thing. I have to condition my hair every day. I love Wen products.” She also tells us that she doesn’t use heat on it every day, in order to prevent breakage.  Find out what the young actress is working on next.

Beverly Hills hairstylist, Jasmine Robles gives us braiding tips. “Make sure it’s a little dirty, not too clean. You can add extensions for length and thickness. You can make it tight and then pull it out so that it’s a little fatter.” She also gives us the 411 on how often you should really wash your hair. She says every three days. Woops, we have been doing it wrong all this time!  Watch the full interview below.

We talked with hairstylist Daniela Sandoval about trending hairstyles, and she also mentioned braids. “The beach waves, the boxer braids. Anything braided and anything beachy.” She also advises us to spray a sea salt or textured spray to finish off our beachy braided look.

So it looks like braids are the real winner here! For those of us who aren’t going to Coachella, let’s braid our hair, top them off with flower crowns, and pretend we are in the middle of the California desert dancing the day away.