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Bella Thorne Believes Her Blemishes Are Beautiful

By Samantha Boden
Posted On Jul 01, 2016

When Bella Thorne covers her face while walking through an airport, it’s not because she’s embarrassed about her skin. The 18-year-old actress isn’t shy about the fact that she suffers from acne, but the former Accutane user has now dropped the prescriptions and is embracing a new mindset towards her skin condition. According to Us Magazine, she says, “I got this pimple the other day and I said to my sister, ‘Look at this! I have a press day coming up!'” That’s when Bella received a game-changing response. Bella’s sister said, “That’s a beautiful pimple, Bella. That is beautiful. Scars are beautiful.” Now Bella uses all-natural skincare that is free of toxins. And if she ever gets a blemish, she tells herself, “That’s beautiful. I love my scars, I love my skin. You have to change your mindset. Love your nature.” Bella has since teamed up with Burt’s Bees for it’s #LoveYourNature campaign.