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Blake Shelton Buys Miranda Lambert’s Boutique Properties in His Hometown

By Samantha Boden
Posted On May 26, 2016

Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert have clearly moved on romantically. But that doesn’t mean they’re not still in business… sort of? According to Us Magazine, Miranda Lambert is closing her Pink Pistol boutique in Tishomingo, Oklahoma, you know, Blake Shelton’s hometown. And guess who bought the property from her? None other than Blake himself. Miranda plans on moving her Pink Pistol boutique to a newer, bigger location in her hometown of Lindale, Texas. Blake made a statement saying, “As a resident of Tishomingo, I’m very sorry that the Pink Pistol has decided to move its operations out of the area. We all as a community have appreciated everything its done for our town. As for the actual properties left behind, I was offered the opportunity to buy them and have a plan brewing.”