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Block Kardashians Forever with #KardBlock App

By Julie Fink
Posted On Nov 09, 2015
Block Kardashians Forever with #KardBlock App

In case you missed it, some genius came up with an app that blocks all Kardashian news called #KardBlock. It mirrors the AdBlock concept and will literally protect the Kardashian Klub from invading your browser and newsfeeds. #KardBlock, a browser extension is designed to scour your feed of all things Kim, Kanye, Kris, Khloe, Kendall, Kylie and even the occasional Rob and Bruce/Caitlyn.

#KardBlock App

‘This man deserves to be knighted,’ is one of the many professions of love for the man behind the app. According to the The Daily Beast, 21-year old British viral marketer, James Shamsi, is doing ‘God’s work’ by creating a Kardashian-free zone for the world.

“Basically, what was happening was that there were Kardashians everywhere, and I wanted to do something about that,” says Shamsi, “But for me, when I follow pages, I am not doing it to get a constant stream of updates on the Kardashians. I didn’t sign up to these sites to hear about Kim’s selfies. I am interested in deeper issues. But every platform seems interested in Kardashian news to the point that everything else gets crushed.”

The app has been going strong since the spring launch with excellent reviews, a few so hysterical I felt worth mentioning:

“Around the time of Kimye’s wedding, I started getting headaches.  It got worse when I saw pictures of them in Versailles.  I went to my doctor.  He recommended that I install Kardashian Filter.  The headaches went away!”
Ralph, Park City, Utah

 “I installed this filter, just to see what would happen.  I felt pretty weird afterwards.  I talked to my friend about these feelings I was having, like I’m not interested in tattoos anymore.  My friend explained, these feelings I’m having are called self-esteem. Thanks #Kardblock!”
Shawna, Tampa, Florida

You’ll either love or hate this app, either way, you have to the give the man kudos for creativity.