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Bloomingdale’s is On the Naughty List This Year

By Lauren Ford
Posted On Nov 12, 2015
Bloomingdale’s is On the Naughty List This Year

Call the fashion police! Bloomingdale’s has made a major oversight on their 2015 holiday campaign. The ad features a woman looking off-camera, laughing while a man stares at her from the opposite side of the photo. The copy reads, “Spike your best friend’s eggnog when they’re not looking.” One can’t even begin to understand what they were trying to accomplish here.


What they did accomplish though was major backlash on Twitter and the promotion of rape culture. According to the U.S. Department of Justice, spiking someone’s drinking is illegal yet drug-facilitated rape is one of the most commonly reported sexual assault crimes.


According to University of the Sciences, here are some statistics about date rape:

  • Women between the ages of 16-24 are four times more likely to be date raped than any other age group. (BJS, 1984)
  • 74% of perpetrators and 55% of the victims of rape had been drinking alcohol. (Koss, 1988)
  • 84% of women who have been raped knew their attackers. (Warshaw, 1988)


Tsk tsk, Bloomie’s.


Nobody wants to be the next statistic, so here are some ways to prevent date rape:

  • Don’t drink anything that you didn’t see poured
    • If it doesn’t come straight from the bartender, don’t risk it
  • Never leave your drink unattended – always keep it in sight
    • It only takes one second with your head turned for someone to slip something in your drink
  • Be alert of a strange taste or color in your drink
    • Roofies can have a bitter taste or turn your drink an off color when fully dissolved
  • Always go out in groups and stay together
    • Notice if anyone is trying to separate you from your friends, and if that is the case – get away from them as fast as you can
  • Trust your gut
    • If you have a bad feeling about a drink, person or situation, you are probably right about it


Bloomingdale’s did release an immediate apology, “In reflection of recent feedback, the copy we used in our recent catalog was inappropriate and in poor taste. Bloomingdale’s sincerely apologizes for this error in judgment.” To make a bad situation worse, the ad was published in a print catalogue, making it impossible to pull. So the rogue ad is still floating around out there reminding people that rape culture is a huge issue that shouldn’t be taken lightly.


On a better note, let’s try and turn this Bloomingdale’s slip up into an awareness campaign.  Reminding us to always be alert of our surroundings and never get too comfortable with that devilishly handsome stranger that’s been buying us drinks all night. Most importantly, always keep your eyes on your eggnog.