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Are Britney’s Dark Days Really Over?

By Julie Fink
Posted On May 27, 2016
Are Britney’s Dark Days Really Over?

Headlines seared this week, hailing the 34-year-old pop queen’s performance at the 2016 Billboard Awards to be her best yet.  “Britney is Back!” they said. “Britney’s Toxic Days Are Over,” they proclaim while looking “Inside Britney’s Comeback,” another gleaming line. And while I loved taking a walk down memory lane, nodding my head to beats of “Work Bitch,” “Womanizer,” “I’m a Slave 4 U,” “Toxic,” and others, I’m not convinced.

In the recent article that speaks upon a newer, happier version of Britney Spears, it states, “After years of claims of drugs and medicine use, the Britney of today is no longer a zombie; she is a force of nature.”

One of Britney’s dancers revealed that Britney is “like a different person” and claimed that “the happy, smiley, fun-loving Britney of yesteryear” is officially back.

From the looks of it, yes, their observations are correct in the fact that she is a newer and healthier version of the old Britney Spears. She just nailed the performance of a lifetime, has Vegas on lock down and, “[She’s] laughing and joking with all of us, and getting involved with everyone on the tour,” the dancer added.

“After years of being heavily medicated – at times she was all but sedated – she is clean and actually living,” Britney’s dancer said. “It’s brilliant to see, and everyone is really proud of how far she has come.”

After her highly publicized 2007 meltdown, Britney is finally “learning how to be happy again” and has been turning to exercise, yoga, and clean eating to get her back to her old self,” The Mirror interview proclaims.

Well alright, let’s pack things up folks, Britney is finally happy, she’s doing yoga, chatting it up with her dancers… we can all go home now. Our girl is safe.

I don’t buy it. Sorry.

I am going to play the protective girlfriend at the bar role when a creeper hits on my bestie. I straight up pull a line from Meghan Trainor, “My name is NO, My number is NO,” put the hand up, move it along ninja look. Only, in this case, the creeper is the music industry and my bestie is Britney Spears and this article is my attempt at saying NO to these fake headlines.

The reports aren’t completely off, in their defense. She is no longer a zombie. Only now, Britney Spears is a robot.

She has gone from a sedated and severely depressed zombie to a show pony on overdrive. Left hand here. Right hand here. Do this, do that. Smile. Smile. Smile.

Britney Spears Now
Post-Vegas Britney Spears
Britney Before
Pre-Vegas Britney Spears
The Meltdown of 2007

In 2007, Spears shaved her head in retaliation to the industry and rebelling against those in the industry who were using and exploiting her. It was her way of declaring she wasn’t their shiny little blonde Barbie toy and no longer would she be a “Slave 4 You” anymore.

But, now she is shinier than ever. She looks more like a Barbie today than I’ve ever seen in the past and I don’t like it. I’m a diehard Britney fan with every one of her albums on loop and six years of Britney Spears Halloween costumes stashed in my closet.

What will it take for the headlines to change my mind? “Britney Spears Wins Best Mom in the World Award,” “From Work Bitch to Relax Britney, Pop Star Takes Time Off,” or even “Britney Spears Unplugged, a Night of Original Britney,” to name a few. “Britney Eats Burgers With Kids,” I’ll even take that one!

It’s all smoke and mirrors folks, and in Britney’s case, sequins and smiles.

Are Britney Spears’ dark days really over or is she truly in a good place? Hit up the comments below.

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