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Butt Contouring? We Give Up.

By Sydney Cook
Posted On Apr 15, 2016
Butt Contouring? We Give Up.


Face, nose, boobs, abs, legs… and now, BUTT contouring. I am completely done with the Internet.

Liveglam.co, a makeup tutorial Instagram account that posts “expert techniques from the best artists in the world,” shared with its 1.6 million followers a video of a girl using Benefit’s Hula Bronzer and Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit to contour each butt cheek.

Left cheek. Right cheek. And suddenly she has a perfectly perky butt.



I can’t explain any further – take a look for yourself.


A video posted by LiveGlam (@liveglam.co) on


Don’t call us haters, but we have questions…

What happens when you wear pants?

Am I not allowed to sit?

Will my butt remain sitting after standing?

How can I go swimming?

Will my butt float away?

We need answers!


Cover/Feature Photo Credit: Shutterstock