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Celebrity-Favorite Skincare Line Launches Lip Plumper

By Sydney Cook
Posted On Mar 28, 2016
Celebrity-Favorite Skincare Line Launches Lip Plumper


If you missed out on the Kylie Jenner lip kits or were too afraid to participate in the #KylieJennerlipchallenge, have no fear!

NewYou has found a longer lasting option with LifeCell’s Lip Plumping Treatment featuring MaxiLip. Not only is this alternative enduring, but it’s also less dangerous than the Kylie Jenner lip challenge.

To regrettably refresh your memory, Kylielip challengers inserted their mouths into a shot glass and sucked the air out of it, suctioning their lips for painful, swollen, bruise-inflicted results. All for the sake of looking like a member of the Kardashian/Jenner clan. SMH! From the moment the fad began, people were being warned against it.



Though the lip frenzy that went on via social media for months has ended, the desire for a more plumped pout still exists.

LifeCell’s Lip Plumping Treatment is NewYou approved! For $63.00, the treatment works to safely stimulate collagen and hyaluronic acid production to plump and increase the fullness of your lips while keeping them smooth, firm, healthy, and moisturized at the same time.

The expertly formulated blend gradually enhances the fullness of the lips over time. Temporary results are apparent within minutes of the application as your lips will look plumper and hydrated right away. However, more dramatic and longer lasting results can be seen after 30 days if used as directed, which requires applying three times a day as you would any lip gloss or lipstick. The one-step application process is blatantly simple.



Maxi Lip and Dermaxyl are the two main ingredients in LifeCell’s Lip Plumping Treatment. The Maxi Lip Technology is based on clinically proven blood vessel technology touted to create the sexiest pout without a visit to the plastic surgeon. #NoNeedlesNecessary

Maxi Lip stimulates collagen production, moisturizes, defines, and smooth lips without any irritation or any stinging sensation while Dermaxyl is an anti-aging, wrinkle smoothing, and cutaneous barrier repair ingredient. It stimulates cell communication and then repairs the age-related skin damage.

Using LifeCell’s Lip Plumping Treatment featuring MaxiLip is an extremely safe, much less invasive, and much easier way to achieve the Kylie Jenner pout everyone is after.

To learn more visit https://lifecellaustralia.com.au/

Watch the below videos to see an application demonstration.