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Chanel’s First Fashion Show in Havana, Cuba!

By Crystal Mejia
Posted On May 03, 2016
Chanel’s First Fashion Show in Havana, Cuba!

Cuba Cruise 2016/17, Chanel.com

I should’ve called in sick and caught a flight to Havana, Cuba. Today, Chanel showcases its Resort 2017 collection and it’s going to be EPIC!


During the Chanel Spring 2016 show a few months ago, Karl Lagerfeld mentioned that he was interested in doing a show in Cuba. Now, he’s the first out of several designers inspired by Cuba to stage a show there. Inspired by the Caribbean’s colors and aesthetics, the collection will be presented on an open-air catwalk installed on the Paseo del Prado in Havana.


Do you think Cuba’s residents are ready for Chanel? Or will it be a culture shock for the city that has been stuck in the 50s for decades? How do you think this historic fashion moment will change their dynamic? Here’s what designer Idania del Rio had to say:   “I think that catwalk is going to be more for Chanel than for Cuba. I don’t know whether the people here in Cuba are ready for this type of product. I want to see what $40,000 clothing looks like. People here know how to sew. There are lots of good designers and people are looking for ways to buy the clothes they want, but it is a very slow recovery.”    


Fashion is seen as an universal form of art, and I am ecstatic to see Lagerfeld promoting just that. I’m hoping that Cubans are inspired by his work and are reminded of how powerful the art of fashion can be. Expression should have no limits.


“When we become a normal country, without the embargo, we will be leaders of fashion,” Castillo said. What do you guys think? Let us know below!