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Charlize Theron Signs on with Netflix

By Julie Fink
Posted On Dec 23, 2015
Charlize Theron Signs on with Netflix

Oscar winning actress Charlize Theron is set to star in her first streaming series on Netflix. From Monster, to monster chaser, she is turning the tables with a role as a serial killer profiler, as opposed to actually playing one – remember crazy eyed, Aileen Wuornos? The new series is called Mindhunter.

The Mad Max star is teaming up with director David Fincher, the man responsible for blowing up Netflix with his award winning drama series House of Cards. Mindhunter will be his second drama series on the popular streaming site.

And just like House of Cards, which Fincher developed with Oscar award winner Kevin Spacey, he plans on the Mindhunter collaboration with Charlize Theron to be equally as captivating. The Gone Girl and The Social Network director also has recruited a playwright/screenwriter for the new series, Brit Joe Penhall (Sunny Afternoon).

Reports have stated: ‘Fincher and Theron will executive produce the series, which is based on the 1996 book Mind Hunter: Inside the FBI’s Elite Serial Crime Unit, by former special agent John Douglas and Mark Olshaker. For years, Douglas pursued some of the most notorious serial killers and rapists, developing profiling techniques to catch them. The book goes behind the scenes of some of his highest-profile cases, including the man who hunted prostitutes in Alaska, the Atlanta child murderer, and Seattle’s Green River killer. To hone in his profiling methods, Douglas interviewed and studied a slew of serial killers. Several book and TV characters have been based in part on Douglas, including Jack Crawford in Thomas Harris’ The Silence of the Lambs, Will Graham on Hannibal and Jason Gideon on Criminal Minds.’

Is the psycho killer, crime-thriller television market entrenched? Yes. SVU, BAU, CSI, FBI, CIA, LOL.

Do any of those shows star a 5’10” blond beauty whose splendor and talent is unmatched? No.

Bring it Netflix!

Photo: Splash News