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Doctors Bow Before Patient

By Alexus Breau
Posted On Feb 25, 2016
Doctors Bow Before Patient

At just 11-years-old Liang Yaoyi was able to give the gift of life.

It was two years before, at only 9-years-old that Liang was diagnosed with a tumor after relocating to Shenzhen, China to be with his brother and sister, Shaghai Daily reports. He lived a seemingly normal life, until he started to feel dizzy and had some trouble walking. His sister noticed and took her brother to the hospital where they later learned that he had a brain tumor.

“There are so many people doing great things in the world…They are great, and i want to be a great kid too” Liang told his mother.

Being great to Liang; meant donating his organs.

The doctors that were a part of this journey with Liang were extremely touched by his bravery and selflessness. Someone captured a photo of them bowing three times to show their utmost respect for him.

Photo Credit: China News
Photo Credit: China News

His wishes were honored and the doctors were able to save his kidneys and liver according to China Daily.

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