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Chris Pine Gives Us Hope for ‘Princess Diaries 3’

By Julie Fink
Posted On Mar 15, 2016
Chris Pine Gives Us Hope for ‘Princess Diaries 3’

“I won’t even consider watching the new Princess Diaries 3 if Chris Pine isn’t in it,” fans express their fervent need for the royal hottie’s return to the classic Disney favorite.

While speaking to People Magazine, director Garry Marshall revealed that he’s indeed planning a new chapter of the series with Anne Hathaway, who starred as Princess Mia Thermopolis in the original film (2001) and its 2004 sequel, Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement. Mia took our hearts to a new level after she married frenemy-turned-love interest, Lord Nicholas Devereaux (Pine), in the second film.




Marshall told People not to rule him out. “Maybe,” Marshall said about Pine returning to the series. “He’s quite big now, you know.”

But during a recent Q&A, a fan asked Pine, “Don’t you pray every night for a Princess Diaries 3??? BECAUSE I DO” and his response was hopeful.

“Have you been reading my diary???” Chris responded.

Chris Pine QA

So it looks like things are lining up well for Princess Diaries 3 and we are on our way! … Except for little baby Hathaway, that is. Hathaway is currently expecting her first child with husband Adam Schulman. It’s likely that she’d take a maternity leave after giving birth, meaning this purported project may be a long way off.

It’s cool Garry. We’ll wait.

Chris Pine and Anne

Photo Credits: Disney