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Clooney Baby Rumors Squashed Along with Our Dreams

By Julie Fink
Posted On Nov 06, 2015
Clooney Baby Rumors Squashed Along with Our Dreams

Amal and George Clooney are not expecting a baby, despite the recent tabloid rumors. According to Gossip Cop, a rep for Clooney states, “The story is made up.” Gossip Cop has confirmed that the latest tale is completely untrue and reports, ‘… much like a baby’s diaper, the OK! story stinks and is full of crap.’

And there you have it. The idea of a perfectly crafted Arabian angel Clooney child is completely crushed, but we aren’t giving up hope.

Rumor or not, we decided to look into this situation to see, statistically, what the chances were if pregnancy were amidst our favorite power couple. The risks for 53-year old George and 36-year old Amal are higher than average. So, here is some Prego 101.

Average Age:

In 1970, the average age of a first-time mother was 21.4. In 2013, the average age was 26. (In the U.K., the average age for giving birth is 30!)

The boring reason why this is:

A series of social and medical advances over the past 50 years—the women’s rights movement, the Pill, infertility drugs, in vitro fertilization and egg and embryo freezing—have steadily extended the age at which women can (and want to) become mothers.

The renegade reason why this is:

Women are opting to focus on a career and having a passion for life beyond the diaper. In addition, millennials are combatants of the towering divorce rates and take more responsibility of having children in the 21st century.

Fertility and Aging:

Experts say, as a woman gets older, aging lowers her chances for getting pregnant as well as increasing the risk of miscarriage. Fertility rates for women begin to decline at age 30.

36-year old Amal’s chances of conceiving are high although so are the risks. The miscarriage rate rises after age 35 to close to 18 percent.

As for Clooney, the older a man is, the longer it will take for him to get his partner pregnant. The chance of conception taking more than a year is, about 8 percent when the man is under 25 and about 15 percent when the man is over 35.

The stats and doctors say one thing, but I say another. If you are to be blessed with a child, he or she will come into your world no matter what the sperm count or egg condition is. Sorry Science.