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Color Crush: Copper

By Julie Fink
Posted On Oct 30, 2015
Color Crush: Copper

As I am color crushing on copper right now, Charlize Theron shows up recently in a bombshell copper metallic dress in Hong Kong and totally validates my reasons for loving this color.Color Crush: Copper

If rose gold and regular gold got together and had a baby, it’d come out copper. Its elegance and glowing undertone can top off any outfit or light up the main show. It’s a great fall color and pairs well nearly anything from deep rose to hot pink to a solid plum.

And don’t forget, you can dress your house with copper the same way you dress yourself: beautiful copper pots and pans to line your kitchen, gleaming vases overflowing with white roses or a cute copper tea kettle spouting out steam.

Top anything with copper this fall season… it’s total glam, total trend, total crush!

Photo Credit: Splash News