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Comfort vs. Style: Airport Fashion

By Lauren Ford
Posted On Nov 17, 2015
Comfort vs. Style: Airport Fashion
Photo Credit: Daily Mail
Photo Credit: Daily Mail

Kylie Jenner was seen strutting through the airport, in tight high-waisted leather pants, a midriff exposing crop top with an oversized lavender jacket over top, and black pointed-toe pumps. The teen celeb chose style over comfort for this 14-hour flight to Australia.

Style or comfort is a battle I fight every time I head to the airport. Being a girl who never leaves the house without the latest trend incorporated into her outfit, I shudder at the thought of wearing sweat pants out in public. But it also makes me uncomfortable knowing that Ms. Jenner sat through this 14-hour flight in leather pants and high heels. Although the first class seats and service probably made it an easier feat.

Picking out your airport ensemble depends on the circumstances, The two most important: length of flight and destination. International flight outfits should normally err on the side of comfort since they are most likely 8 hours or longer. For flights To New York, California, Miami or any big city, outfits could be a little more on the stylish side. Below are some ways to incorporate both comfort and style for your next trip to the airport.

Comfortable international destination ideas:

  • Leggings
  • Fitted tee
  • Jean jacket/ Plaid sweater
  • Black or white sneakers
  • Accessory: Travel pillow

Stylish big city destination ideas:

  • Day dress w/ sheer tights OR
  • Ripped jeans & graphic tee
  • Oversized jacket
  • Booties
  • Accessory: Hat

The trick here is finding stylish items that are comfy to sit in for an extended period of time. Maybe leather pants and high heels are Kylie’s definition of comfortable. ¬†They say beauty is pain, and they are right. Unless of course you find chic effortless clothing, which is what we are all truly searching for in this game of travel.