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Dad Records His 3-Year-Old Singing

By Alexus Breau
Posted On Feb 20, 2016
Dad Records His 3-Year-Old Singing

At only 3-years-old Claire Ryann is melting hearts everywhere. Her father Dave Crosby explained to the Desecret News that it all started when he was paying for an oil change. He turned around and saw his little girl singing to other customers.

Of course this was too cute to not capture on camera. Over the holidays he put her front of the microphone to sing one of her favorite songs and hit record!

Crosby explains to Desecret News that he had to coach Claire Ryann through some of the words as she mixed up some of the phrases.

It is no surprise that this video is going viral. Claire Ryann’s rendition of The Little Mermaid ‘Part Of Your World’ brings anyone back to their favorite childhood Fairy Tale.

In just one month this video has gained over 30 Million views across Youtube and Facebook.

Watch below:

Now that she has captured your heart, go and download Claire Ryann’s ‘Part Of Your World’ here!

I think we may have just found Disney’s newest star in the making!