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Dear McDonald’s: Where is My Shamrock Shake?

By Lauren Ford
Posted On Mar 18, 2016
Dear McDonald’s: Where is My Shamrock Shake?

Dear McDonald’s,

Today we embarked on an epic journey. A journey to fulfill our St. Patrick’s Day needs by gracing our mouths with the green tasty peppermint awesomeness that is the Shamrock Shake. Upon our arrival to seek the delectable St. Patty’s day treat that is bestowed on us each year on March 17th, we came to a grave disappointment. So here we are with a strongly worded letter expressing our utter disappointment and extreme sadness that we did not get our beloved Shamrock Shake.

We dressed in all green and even made a signature Shamrock Shake dance. We recorded our journey so that we could capture the very moment of our first sip, to see the happiness in our smiles and light in our eyes appear again after a long year of plain vanilla shakes. After driving to three separate McDonald’s locations, we were repeatedly hit with rejection. “No, we don’t have those. Try another location,” they said. You can only take so much rejection in one day.

It looks like not many of your locations got the Shamrock Shake memo, and that is the biggest tragedy of all. To deny your customers of the treat that they so look forward to every St. Patrick’s Day. Our St. Patrick’s Day may have been ruined but, we still haven’t lost hope. We are confident you will hear our green tale of woe. Make this right, McDonald’s. Make this right.


Shamrock Shakeless New You Magazine

P.S. What would Ronald do?