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Dove’s Latest Beauty Campaign

By Tiffany Thomas
Posted On Apr 29, 2016
Dove’s Latest Beauty Campaign

Dove has always emphasized the importance of beauty not being confined to societal stereotypes, and their latest campaign highlights that message even more.

Dove India released a short film called “Let’s Break the Rules of Beauty.” The 50-second video features a variety of Indian women that don’t necessarily fit the mold of beauty in the eyes of the Indian community.

The video starts with a powerful line that resonates with viewers and gets them to think about their own personal idea of beauty.

“Isn’t it strange that in a country of 631 million women, there is still only one face of beauty, when there is so much more to be admired?”

The “so much more” being different skin tones, hair length, hair color, height, and weight.

The senior global brand director of Dove Masterbrand spoke on the vision behind the campaign. She spoke on how many Indian women fail to realize their beauty based on the standards that have been set in their country.

“India is a country growing and evolving at a rapid pace and yet the traditional beauty ideal remains narrow and restrictive. In fact, our new research suggests 76 percent of Indian women believe that in today’s society, it is critical to meet certain beauty standards.”

Sjardin also shared the bigger picture to the story being that the campaign is the first step to promoting higher self-esteem among Indian women.

“This campaign is designed to encourage India to embrace its diversity in beauty, and spark change against the variety of pressures and influences that are keeping a narrow beauty ideal alive. Our hope is to genuinely start a conversation about expanding the beauty ideal and embracing the varieties of beauty that come from a country with 631 million women, 29 states, and 22 languages.”

Dove India has also taken the initiative to include as many Indian beauties as possible by asking women to join the campaign by simply sending in a picture, and uploading it to social media.

Thank You Dove, this message is much needed.

Let’s break the rules of beauty together.

Cover Photo Credit: Dove India