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The Elevator Pitch

By Andrew Stone
Posted On Oct 13, 2015

By Andy Stone

Hey you shorties out there: We think the time has come to heel. One of the simplest and most ingenious beauty secrets on Planet Earth, the Say Hello to Long Legs airy-foam boot insert from Invisible Legs is the simplest and most sure-fire way to create long and strong-looking legs.

These feather-light inserts make a truly dramatic difference in silhouette as well as stature. And now, they’ve taken things a step beyond. In addition to their 1.5-inch and sneaker-ready 3/4-inch numbers, they’ve launched the “Elevator,” a hot-stepping 2-inch wedge that works beautifully beneath shoes and boots that are ankle-height or higher (think: Uggs or biker boots).

Not only do you instantly gain height, the well-constructed cushions make striding easy on the knees and do absolutely wonders for your derriere. It’s a definite beauty must for anyone hankering for a bit of height this season.$24 a pair, available at ulta.com and invisibleheels.com.