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Ellen Degeneres & HBO surprise Quincy Jones with Stand-Up Special

By Tiffany Thomas
Posted On Mar 21, 2016
Ellen Degeneres & HBO surprise Quincy Jones with Stand-Up Special

It’s time to grab a box of Kleenex, Ellen Degeneres has done it once again! The esteemed television host is known for her huge heart filled with generosity and surprises, and today’s show proved just that.

The 32-year-old comedian Quincy Jones, was diagnosed with terminal cancer in July 2015 and was told that he only had one year left to live. Upon hearing the news, Jones decided that he wanted to film a stand-up special on HBO or Netflix before it was too late. Of course, there was no better place to reveal his desires and plea for help than on the Ellen show, which he did earlier this month.

His initial visit to Ellen included a check of $10,000 from Degeneres herself. But, Ellen decided to take it one step further. Come on, it’s Ellen—did you really think it would stop there? On today’s show, Ellen shared the great news that Quincy’s dream was about to become reality.

“Here’s the thing that you mentioned last time, you want to do a comedy special,” DeGeneres said to Jones. “So what you don’t know is that we called the head of HBO, and your people didn’t even tell you this, but HBO is going to air your special.”

Needless to say, Jones was in complete shock. So much so that he had to ask Ellen if she was serious a few times before fully sharing his excitement.


“Oh my God. That’s the best surprise,” Jones told Ellen. “Thank you so much.”

And as if that wasn’t enough (I wasn’t kidding about the Kleenex), Shutterfly then presented Jones with another check of $15,000 to assist with the production of the special as well. Contrary to what people may have thought, this is going to be one heck of a year for Jones after all.

Cover Photo Credit: Hollywoodreporter.com