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LET’S PLAY: Fake it Til You Make It

By Sydney Cook
Posted On Apr 29, 2016
LET’S PLAY: Fake it Til You Make It


Hi, I’m Sydney and I’m a faker. Whether you’re a recent college grad like me, on a budget, or just not willing to pay for overpriced items, I feel you. But don’t worry – it’s still possible to look stylish and not have to spend half of your bank account. Gone are the days of buying bank-breaking boots! We are living in the era of faux.

Now, it takes a true player to fake it for fashion, not everyone can do it, and thank goodness because those knock off Dior sunglasses from Zero UV would’ve been sold out and I’ve had my eye on them for a while. However, if the sight of shoes for less sends you to checking your bank account balance, sit tight. This article is for you.

But in order to win some knowledge, you have to play our game. Guess which items break your bank and which items won’t. This is Fake It or Break It. Let’s go!

(PS: Don’t cheat)

sunglasses (1)

One of these sunglasses will cost you nearly 600 buckaroos and the other just $13.95. Can you tell which pair will break your bank?

heels (1)

These caged high-heel sandals are a spring and summer staple. They work well with flowy midi skirts or can be paired with your favorite skinny jeans and denim top to add a pop of color to any monochromatic fit. One of the pictured pairs cost almost $200 and the other costs $35.99. Guess!

watches (1)

Simple, but totally sleek watches are key to completing any look. One of these minimalistic watches are $99 and the other is just $36. Hmmm…

jeans (1)

Would you rather pay $80.00 or $54.95 for a pair of on-trend distressed denim? Feed your denim need on a budget! Which pair are the bank-breakers?

jumpsuit (1)

Are any of these worth $298? I’d say no! Why pay close to $300, when you can get the look for $68.00? There must be a God up there answering all of my prayers! Which one of these sheer white lace jumpsuits will you jump for joy in?


  1. The pink and blue sunglasses on the left are by Dior and cost $595. Fortunately, we found some look-a-likes from Zero UV.
  2. Pictured on the left is a pair of high heeled sandals from Schutz worth $190.00. And on the right the look-a-likes are from Target!
  3. The shiny rose gold watch on the right is from Urban Outfitters, and they’re asking for $99. You can get the look in a cheaper (and cuter) fashion from Asos.
  4. TopShop is asking for $80 for their Moto Rip Lucas Boyfriend jeans pictured on the right. However, Pacsun comes in clutch with a similar pair for less.
  5. “To the left, to the left…” Bye Nastygal, the Kendall and Kylie Lace Pleated jumpsuit is cute and all, but really? $298? Missguided (on the right) has a similar look for less.