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Five Things We Learned from the Movie Sisters

By Lauren Ford
Posted On Dec 22, 2015
Five Things We Learned from the Movie Sisters

This past weekend, the movie we have all been waiting for came out. No, not Star Wars but Sisters. If there was anything we wanted for Christmas it was two hours of watching Tina Fey and Amy Poehler on the big screen and back together again.


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Universal Pictures

Here is what the ‘ode to youth’ anthem Sisters taught us:

  1. That Tina & Amy Are a Power Couple Match Made in Heaven

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler’s onscreen chemistry is untouchable.  After 20+ years of friendship, the two consider themselves “chosen sisters” especially since Fey and Poehler don’t have real sisters of their own. The two play opposite personalities, Fey plays Kate Ellis, a hot mess mother and stylist who lives in the moment and Poehler plays Maura Ellis, a recently divorced nurse and homebody who skypes her parents for fun. Watching the two act as sisters was effortless and highly amusing.

  1. How to Throw an Epic Rager

The premise of the movie is: two sisters, Kate and Maura Ellis, going back to their newly sold childhood home to pack up their rooms. The two decide to throw one last party like they did in high school. Except this time wallflower, Maura is channeling her sister Kate’s party animal mentality and Kate accepts the role of party mom (the one who doesn’t drink and holds your hair while you puke). The number one rule when throwing a reunion party is no kids allowed. We learn that Facebook invites are all you need to get the word out, shots are a good way to get the party started, and always invite your lesbian DJ friends. Also, if a cop comes to try to shut your party down, tell him he looks like an Affleck.

  1. To Put Yourself Out There

Maura has been divorced for 2 years and hasn’t gotten back on the dating horse. Kate tries to push her closed hearted sister back into the motions by dropping her off at the hot neighbors house to invite him to their party that night. The very awkward Poehler plays the blundering crush-stricken gal but later that night decides to take a chance on her hot neighbor boy, James. As soon as she put herself out there, magical things started to happen. One night at a party where they shared laughter, romantic talks over a joint, and an uncomfortable ballerina music box to rear end situation lead Maura to a lifetime of happiness.

  1. Even If It Seems Bad, It Always Gets Better

At the beginning of the movie, we find out that Kate has recently lost her job and five minutes in we see her landlord kick her out of her apartment. To top it off, her daughter ran away from home to get away from her downward spiral of a mother. Pretty much as bad as it gets. Then Kate and Maura throw a party and their beautiful childhood home goes quickly to shit.  They completely destroy the house: walls filled with penises, an overflowing pool/ laundry machine, and holes everywhere from people falling through the ceilings. Just when you thought it couldn’t get worse for Kate, it did. But after a few weeks of hard work and a few funny selfies with the wall art, Kate gets the house back in tip top shape. And moves into it with her daughter. So as long as you keep your head up and work hard things will always get better.

  1. Sometimes You Just Need to Dance It Out

This movie was full of FA-MAZING coordinated dances between Fey and Poehler. One in particular, the Apple Butt Dance. Cool girl Kate was skeptical of doing it at the party, but little sis Maura quoted “It’s cool because we’re doing it, and we’re cool. And the party loved it, as did I. Also at the end of the movie, the two sisters go to their parent’s new home for Christmas and Maura starts to cry. What better time to bust out some beautifully choreographed dance moves then that? Sure, not all of our dance breaks can be coordinated all the time, but the most important lesson we take from it is that sometimes you need let loose and break out a shimmy or two.

We laughed, we cried, we laughed until we cried. Sisters was a definite hit. So go grab your sister or your best gal pal and watch the awesomeness that is Tina Fey and Amy Poehler reunited onscreen.

P.S. Stay for the credits.