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For Women by Women: The Feminine Collective Book Launch

By Lauren Ford
Posted On Jan 29, 2016
For Women by Women: The Feminine Collective Book Launch

Last night, California-based non-profit, Feminine Collective hosted a launch party for their latest book, Raw & Unfiltered Vol. 1: Selected Essays and Poems on Relationships with Self. 100% of the book sales from the event were donated to Women’s Center of Los Angeles (WCLA), a community of women with the shared goal of guiding and educating women and girls to attain the tools for a life of success.

Feminine Collective: Raw & Unfiltered Vol 1: Selected Essays and Poems on Relationships with Self and Others is a collection of raw, unfiltered essays that touch on topics from pop culture and witty perspectives on modern day life, to self-awareness, empowerment, and reflection.

We got to speak with the brains behind it all, Julie Anderson and Marla Carlton at last night’s event. They spoke about their inspiration for the book.

Anderson said, “Nobody is really speaking honestly about what it’s like to be a parent and what it’s like to be married, they don’t address the women’s issues.” Carlton adds, “Or what it’s like to be a human being.” They also mention that their book is like a “girl’s night out”- think real women’s stories after a few glasses of Pinot.



We also got to catch up with a lot of other strong, empowered women last night.

Actress Anne-Marie Johnson dished on the secret to her stress relief: gardening. “I don’t drink; I don’t do drugs. I garden. I plant succulents and nurture them. And they bloom and make me feel better.” She also gives us some health tips, that include: fish six times a week, and fresh and organic food.



New Zealand Supermodel, Rachel Hunter talks about the importance of self-acceptance. “Don’t be hard on yourself. The minute women have a bit of self-acceptance and embrace all of who they are” they don’t need much else. Except for Argon Oil, she is a daily Argon Oil user.



Supermodel turned swimwear designer, Susan Holmes-McKagan preaches “everything in moderation.” From her time living in Paris, she understands portion control and the huge difference between how America portions their meals compared to Europe. “It’s unfortunate that in America we are taught that this is what you’re supposed to eat.” Food for thought…



For more info on the Feminine Collective or to purchase Raw & Unfiltered Vol. 1 click here.


Cover Photo Credit: Feminine Collective