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GBK’s Pre-MTV Movie Awards Gift Lounge Event

By Tiffany Thomas
Posted On Apr 11, 2016
GBK’s Pre-MTV Movie Awards Gift Lounge Event


A room filled with celebrities and brands is the perfect start to a great night.

GBK’s Pre-MTV Movie Awards Gift Lounge was held on Friday night before the show started. The event which is hosted by Secret Room Events has been doing gifting suite events for years in association with many different major award shows such as the Golden Globes and MTV Movie Awards.

There were a variety of vendors from the beauty, health, fashion, and vacation industries. Celebrities who were nominated were even treated to facials, hair styling, and massages.

Secret Room Events partnered with “To Write Love On Her Arms” charity for this year’s gift lounge which is a nonprofit with the purpose of giving hope to individuals who struggle with addiction, depression, self-injury, and suicide.

New You got a chance to catch up with a few attendees for the night including Jennifer Williams from Basketballs Wives, Kristen Doute from Vanderpump, and many more.

South African model, Genevieve Morton talked about health benefits and what she does to stay fit and healthy. She said she‘s been trying high-intensity interval training and gave a word of advice on how to make it work, “Until I could accept what I actually look like, and accept I might not be like a picture of somebody that I know… I was not actually able to get my body into a good shape.” She also talked about what her cravings are and how she fights them.

The Vanderpump Rules reality star, Kristen Doute talked to the New You red carpet team about how she gets her body in shape for the summer. She mentioned Pop Physique, a Pilates-type of work out, and veggies all the way. She also talked about her favorite beauty trends that are in style right now.

TV personality, Stassi Schroeder was asked about how she maintains her slim shape and talked about how she makes her friend motivate her to work out. And like Kirsten, she talked about her favorite beauty trends.

General Hospital’s, Annie Ilonzeh gave us insight on how she stays fit. She definitely loves the gym and considers it her “home away from home.” “I’m the freak that’s sweating on a treadmill, and everyone’s like what is she doing, let’s just stay away.” Also, find out what beauty product she considers herself to be a professional at.

Basketball Wives star, Jennifer Williams, tells all about her top beauty trends as well as her obsession with contouring. She also told us that lashes are the one thing she “can’t leave home without.”

The author of the Science of Eating, Stephanie Schuh opens up to New You about nutrition and weight loss. She dismisses the myth that eating less is should be the main goal, and gives great insight into the right way to make your favorite dishes with the healthiest ingredients.

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