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Grammy 2016 WOW Moments

By Julie Fink
Posted On Feb 16, 2016
Grammy 2016 WOW Moments

There were so many poignant Grammy 2016 moments that knocked our socks off  from Sophia Vergara booty shaking it with Pitbull to Stevie Wonder belting an Earth Wind & Fire tribute to Maurice White with acappella group Pentatonix to a 12-year old piano prodigy, and much, much, much more. Here is a look at a few of the top head turning WOW moments from the GRAMMYs 2016:

Lady Gaga’s 8-minute SPOT ON tribute to David Bowie

When the camera cut to the audience and you lip read Lionel Richie saying, “Wow, that was good,” well then you know it went down pretty well. Lady Gaga really knocked it out of the park with a little help from some multisensory holographic effects; the tribute to David Bowie was really out of this world.

She began the tribute with a snippet of “Space Oddity,” one in which several Bowie guises melted and transformed her face in real time, and she strutted onto the stage to “Changes” before kicking into “Ziggy Stardust” and “Suffragette City.” When she reached “Rebel Rebel,” she disappeared behind a screen and yielded to a warped projection.

The headlines are hailing this morning that if anybody was going to do David Bowie justice, it’s Lady Gaga. Everyone is right.


 Kendrick Lamar comes out in prison shackles

Kendrick Lamar Grammy 2016
Getty Images

Introduced by Don Cheadle, the Grammy winner delivered a towering medley that included “The Blacker the Berry” and “Alright,” his anthems about being black in America. The politically charged performance started off with Kendrick shackled in chains in a prison before being liberated through the power of “The Blacker the Berry”. Then he set the stage on fire as flames blazed behind him while belting into “Alright”. Kendrick closed his set with a fierce, never-before-heard song and captivated us with an overall jaw-dropping performance.

It was easily one of the most significant Grammys appearances in recent years.

Soon after Lamar’s acceptance speech, the White House tweeted:

The White House Tweets

The Taylor Swift-blow to Kanye West

A millionth time Grammy winner Taylor Swift looked beautiful as her pink/red hot two piece which initially created buzz in the Twittersphere. THEN, she made her acceptance speech for Album of the Year and we all fell out of our chairs.

She really strapped on a pair with this one! Swift had yet to make a statement after Kanye recently rapped in his new single from The Life of Pablo:

“I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex. / Why? I made that (expletive) famous.”

Her response was priceless AND she took the upper hand by responding during her acceptance speech at the Grammys. I think I might like her now.

Maria Shriver was impressed:

Maria Shriver Posted

Meghan Trainor balls her eyes out accepting Grammy for Best New Artist

Sam Smith handed off the Grammy for Best New Artist to Meghan Trainor and it was a beautiful sight to see. Trainer couldn’t hold back the tears and neither could her dad who she brought as a date. I especially love her IG post saying that right before she went on stage her dad whispered in her ear ‘you made it.’ UGH… the water works! We are so happy for you Meghan 🙂

Hollywood Vampires melts our faces off!

Getty Images
Getty Images

The supergroup of rock legend Alice Cooper, Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry and actor/Pirate extraordinaire Johnny Depp shredded a few numbers on the Grammy stage which included Coopers blood stained shirt and massive pyrotechnics. The band, making their very first television debut, paid tribute to late Motorhead frontman Lemmy Kilmister by performing “Ace of Spades” as well as blast an original tune “As Bad As I Am”.

Cooper tells Rolling Stone: “Johnny says to me,”‘My dad was a bit of a rounder, one of those guys that was in and out of trouble all the time,’ the singer told Rolling Stone. “‘During Thanksgiving or Christmas, when we’d toast, he’d say, ‘Good as you are, bad as I am.'” Cooper laughs.

The performance of the Hollywood Vampires was everything I dreamed it would be… rather, dreamed it would be while thrashing through my nightmares.

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